When changing pesmoso soup to fish : SOCIALSPY
When changing pesmoso soup to fish : SOCIALSPY

When changing pesmoso soup to fish : SOCIALSPY

Indigo Bombo Pesmol , West Java food is delicious and easy

One of west Java’s regular foods is  tilapia pesmola . Many people don’t know that this fish process comes from the Sundance area . This fish is a pleasant process for many because of its fresh taste with a sharp feeling that makes everyone eat it all the time .

This fish process is very unique, because it likes the flavor of a strong spring, but the flavor is too dense and remains fresh. In appearance, the menu uses this yellow fish plate because it is yellow and yellow. Because of this, this fish filled is known as the yellowfish of the season.

Some of the springs and aromas used in making this tilapia plate, ginger slices, for bows and shales. Not only does it add a strong and savory flavor, the flavor ingredient also helps to smell good as it closes the fish’s smell.

It’s really difficult to make old West Java  food  . The steps you need to take aren’t too much. It’s just that there are some special advice to make this plate of Telepea Pesmool delicious and deceive the flavor beads without failure. This is a complete drop of the originals that can be put into effect.

Fish as the main component, take care of the new

First, before starting the cooking process, you need to prepare the main component, which is called Thelapia. In fact, on this list you can use any fish. But if you want to protect the original West Java feel, you should only use Tilpiya. Make sure you choose new ones.

There are some simple tips for choosing a new fish. First, look at the smell of the fish you want to choose. The new fish don’t smell like fish that fits too much on the top. The new fish  exhale a suitable smell of water when they soak up your nose.

In addition to the event, you can check the fish’s newness through the color of the enthusiasm. New fish always have honeybees that are red with new blood It is different if the herbs appear gray or brown beforehand, meaning the fish is no longer new, especially if you press the belly.

The new fish are usually more enthusiastic. It also differs from the color of the scales. The scale of the new fish still looks shiny and is not easily distinguished from the body. Meanwhile, fish that allow long-term stops have a fading scale and come out easily while standing. and take care of the white part of the freshfish eyes

If you’re sure the fish of choice is new, you can now start the tilapia process like eating Western Java . Of course, you must wash your fish thoroughly to the scales before. Then fatten the fish using lim juice so it doesn’t smell like fish.

preparing components in the yellow season of Pesmol

After choosing the fish and cleaning it as well as lemon juice , it’s time to talk about the tilapiya process as a regular West Javan and recipe food .  The ingredients required to create the pesmol season are not very high. You can definitely get it easily in the market or others.

The ingredients you need are onions and white. Each amounted to eight onions and four garments for garlic. Then, set up two fingers, then a finger piece of anger and a piece of ginger. These components are for a good season in Pesmol later.

There are more components to make the yellow season. Among them are two pages of gulf leaves, then one piece of galangal fingers, two lemongrass roots, and you will not forget to add ten grains of red corn pepper. This will make west  Pesmool’s Java food more tasteful

Don’t forget to provide mineral water for about $ 150 million, then season in the form of chicken or pounded mushroom meat, salt and granulate sugar so that then the taste of the season you make moves the balance and tongue and you can also add a small pepper to finish.

fish preparation as well as delicious flavored springs

After preparing a variety of regular food items in this Western Java area, you will take steps to take the next step, namely the fish process as well as good imports first. Unlike other fish, this telepea uses fish that are first fried so that it doesn’t have too much fish.

Make sure you use the necessary oil to fry the fish and wait for it to heat. The purpose of using this oil is to fry the fish using a deep style to cook equally until the fish is golden or yellow-brown but not too dry.

The tip of the fish frying so that it does not explode so that the wheat flour is sprinkled on the fish that is fried on a hot fire if the fish reaches it, the water will be cut off and removed first. Now, it’s time to make good springs by analyzing the fingers, ginger slices, and onions.

If it is pure and equally mixed, you can start fixing the good springs until the smell smells. Don’t forget to add gulf leaf ingredients and add lemongrass and galangal when you’re sweet to make the smell more fragrant and delicious. Use only low heat so it doesn’t burn.

When changing pesmoso soup to fish

Eating Western Java and its recipes are really easy to do. If the good springs are now smelling and washing is over, add any other mineral water you have prepared before. To boil and move the boiler and marinade. If cooked, add any other ingredients.

The other remaining ingredients are some kaine peppers that need to be baked, then start the seasoning process with mushrooms or chicken meat, some salt, and a sprinkle of granulated sugar to taste. Make sure to correct the flavor just in the gourd, salt, sharp, even balanced sweetness, so that it tastes delicious.

If you feel it’s completely cooked, it’s time for tilapea, which has already been fried for pesmowell soup. Make sure the fish is completely covered in pesmopolitan soup and sprinkles until the water shrinks and pours into the tilpia meat. West Java features are soon  ready to enjoy

If the pesmal soup is significantly poured into the fish, and the fish is now yellow because of the pesmolic seasoning, you can pick it up and put it on a prepared plate. Make sure you don’t really finish the peswell soup so that it doesn’t dry too much.

To serve, you can add some more ingredients such as star fruit slices or green tomatoes that not only support the serving of the dish but also add a sour and fresh flavor while eating this traditional sandwich plate.

Now, the Telepea Pesmol menu or yellow springs are ready to serve. You can taste with your family or those closest to you. Isn’t it easy to make? West Java food recipes and other essential areas are delicious and easy to try

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