How to transfer your Indosat credit to another provider : Nekopoi
How to transfer your Indosat credit to another provider : Nekopoi

How to transfer your Indosat credit to another provider : Nekopoi

How to Transfer Indosat Credits, You Should East Sea Actually Small.

Credit   has  now become a major need, and a   method of transferring  Indosat credits has often been needed, especially for  loyal users.   In fact, Indosat  itself is one of the well-known providers  in Indonesia and certainly has a lot of  loyal users. And now there  is  a new color – Indosat Ooredoo.

In  order to provide the maximum service to its users  , Indosat does its best.     This is  very important in the event  of an urgent or urgent event, so it takes a  quick and accurate time to complete the  problem.

In   fact,  if it is not an emergency, you  can buy the credit at the  nearest counter or at  the   mini-market cashier.  You  may  feel  urgent or have a great nominal balance  and  want to share it with  friends, parents,  and other close people.

This can be   done  by transferring credits between users. What this means  is that  your credit balance is  presented to  other users  in the form of a credit  balance. Therefore,  an overly owned balance  may  be more  useful to others  later on .   There are also some conditions in  the sending of credits themselves  .

Meet the requirements before you know how to transfer your Indosat  credits.

Some of  these conditions must be met so that there are no problems with smooth balance delivery transactions in the future.   The first condition is the  number used in the  transaction,  and the sender or receiver of the balance must be  active.   If  the  number has   expired or is no longer active,  the transaction  cannot continue.

The second is that   the  recipient or sender’s starter pack must  first  be  active for at least 181 days.  The  maximum number of transfers per day is  200,000  and  cannot be more than that.    The sender must  have a minimum  remaining balance of 5,000  after the  transaction  has  been made.

Of course, the balance  between users This  sieve  transaction requires an additional fee, and the  cost of  this  Indosat credit transfer  method is  600 rupiah.  Therefore,  if it is  used for  transfers, please maintain a sufficient balance  .   Afterwards  to avoid obstacles during trading.

In this transaction, the  recipient increases the active period  up to 30 days.   The increase in the length of the  active period  depends on the  nominal balance sent by the  sender.  If the  receiver increases the active period  , for the  caller, the  active period  does not decrease, even if the pulse  decreases.

The advantage of  this  transaction  is   that it can be done  through an individual  and  can  be done  faster  if you have a  friend with a large  balance.  Instead of  having to find the nearest pulse counter first.  There are 2  ways to  trade itself,  and the 2 methods  are described as follows:

How to Transfer Indosat Credit by SMS

The first way  to send is to  use SMS  or  you can call it a  short message. This method is  definitely easy to do and  most people who already have a mobile phone are  familiar with using  the SMS system  .   The first step  taken in this credit transfer is to open the SMS menu on your phone.

If you have  entered a message in the instant format  , send the pulsa (space) to the target mobile phone number  (space)  and the number of pulsa you want to  send.   For example, the transmission pulsa 081******** 35000.   Check the target number more carefully to make sure there are no write errors.   After that, send a message to  151.

Wait for a while to  receive the SMS associated with the  transaction for confirmation.  If you  receive a reply message  , you’ll see a token number.  Confirm  the token number by replying OK (blank).  Example: OK 1h23b, then submit.   The balance should then be sent to the destination number.

Independently check with the recipient to see whether the  balance has been received or  not.   It usually doesn’t take a  long  time and   only takes a few minutes  .   This is the  case when there is no  interruption or maintenance  on  the  supplier side.  The Tran sfer pulsa with a short message has been successfully completed.

How to Transfer Indosat Credits via USSD Code

In addition  to the short message,  credit transactions can also pass through  USSD or UMB codes. This code is  usually used to check the  balance directly through the  dial-up menu. This method is less practical than the previous method.   Pay close attention to  how you transfer  your  Indosat credits to this.

The first way to transfer  your Indosat credits  is to  open the dial-up menu or call.   There are two ways  to distinguish this  dial-up as a prepaid  and  a postpaid starter pack.   First,  you can also enter the number * 123 * 7 * 2 * 3 * 1# on  the  prepaid cards, i.e.  IM3 and Mentari,  or pass the *   123 *  151 #.

If you have just  followed the following instructions like entering 1 to confirm/reply.   Then  enter the  recipient’s mobile number  , click OK/Reply,  fill in the nominal credits you want to  send, and  click OK/Reply.   Select 1 to  confirm and the transaction is complete.

All you have  to do is wait until the destination number and  check it independently with  the recipient.   For matrix Ooredoo auto  postpaid users, the dialing number is *123*7*1*6*1#, please call.    If you have just followed the  same   steps as in the  previous prepayment.

Sometimes  this method has problems with providers that have a  slow response.  There is a  delay in  getting  notified of  the  success or failure of  a   pre-credit   transaction. Therefore, although it is easy and practical,  sometimes using this method requires a little  patience.

It is your choice that you want to  choose how to   dial up  the call menu  or SMS. Basically,  the two  are the  same and different in the process.     It’s easy,  fast, and practical, and of course you can get it in two ways.

How to transfer your Indosat credit to another provider

The  above two methods are  aimed at fellow  Indosat  providers, this time with  a way  to transfer your Indosat credits to another  provider.    However, other providers receiving this  transaction are limited to  Telkomsel, XL, 3 and Axis users only. This is  considered to be sufficient to provide convenience in the transactions of  other    providers.

The first way  to transfer Indosat credit is through an Indosat credit transfer  transaction with a Telkossel destination provider.   It is to make a call through the call  menu.  Enter *123*5*8*3*3*1 #을  and  then click Phone.    Then follow the  instructions such as filling  in the nominal  destination number you sent.

During the  delivery process  , users  from other providers  typically have a notification  or notification interrupted and delayed  when the transaction is  complete.   So,  ask the credit recipient if they  have received or increased their  credit  balance.  Trading  from these different providers requires more patience.

On the other hand, if you want to  forward it to an XL,  3, or Axis  provider, you  need  to  use the short message method.  In other words, the  message Transferpulsa (space)  is sent  with the destination  number  (space) along with the contents of the nominal credit.   Example Transferpool  Company 089******** 30000.   The same is true of how to send to number 151 via SMS  above.

Then the SMS  response  can wait  to confirm the transaction if it has received a response from the  response SMS with an  OK (space)  token number.   The transaction  transfer  and transfer are complete.   All that remains is  to wait and ask the recipient  whether the balance has  increased or  not.

It is easy and practical not to transfer  credit with other  Indosat or other providers.  If you want to  buy credit, you  don’t have  to  leave the  house to go to the counter  or the minimarket  .  Take advantage of the  remaining balance of your  friends  or family and  use the  Indosat credit transfer method above.

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