Attire Aroos ka Customs West Java : Lorongku
Attire Aroos ka Customs West Java : Lorongku

Attire Aroos ka Customs West Java : Lorongku

Various Popular Popular West Javanese Dresses culture and Peculiarities

Traditional textiles from West Java have their own popularity and names that are compared to other regions. Although it is still similar to the regions of Central Java and eastern Java. In truth, there are enormous differences in terms of traditional clothing. Not only that, but the languageis also different. And apoisonous woman, and yafanes, and another madurese.

When looking at these types of differences, should you be curious about what the different types are? In fact, in West  Java or West Java, almost all of the people are native to the Sundanese tribe. Since there is an enemy of pendatang that has landed there for years . As they are known to be among the most friendly tribes in Indonesia. In its protection there are high-ranking customs.

It is not wrong for jiover to take precedence over the ancestors of the past. Perhaps it could be proof of inscriptions, temples, heritage objects, and of course a traditional dress. Throughout all of Indonesia, it will certainly not be separated from the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. When the pattern  of all the western java fabrics in the region cannot be separated from the pattern.

Keep the clothes deeper for all the fractures. There are a few types of clothing that can be applied. Everything depends on social greenery, whether upper middle class, middle, and lower. It is natural in such a concept because in the early period di Indonesia still knew the name of the system of caste division.

So, for those of  you who  wonder what the traditional clothing brands are from West Java, there is no need to worry  because whatever is desirable that we  will be discussing here  . From the  middle class, middle class and lower  class  fabrics. Everything is guaranteed to be full so that that on-demand information is definitely fulfilled.

Attire Aroos ka Customs West Java

Everything we’ve talked about about the traditional fabric of Western Java. As a matter of fact it will never escape the occasion of the wedding. This event in the area requires a special lockdown in order for the appointment to survive at once. Then what costumes are most commonly used by indigenous Sundanese tribe?

For the outfit called Sukapura that should be known. The picture of this dress is simple because the bride is only wearing a kebaya wrapped in a white porch. Then there was a golden colored belt on his waist. Coupled with a white slot shoe guide. Add a simple perspective compared to others.

It is a lot different from central Java where the traditional bride and groom’s dresses are more complicated. Back on the main theme, the groom is only required to wear a white tie coat. But the belt used is red. It is a symbol of courage to take responsibility for all future problems.

Use white shoes on the shoes. It’s still the same as karen’s bride woes kaki emblematic of this topangan. The stairs carry his weight, and are hopeful that the continuation of the marriage can last forever. How easy it is not sukapura compared to the costumes from other provinces other island pow Penghuni Java island.

West Java Dress Event Rasmiga ah

Surely you already know that  there is a stray phenomenon in West Java for mojang jejaka? It’s definitely the same as jak embassy looking for a brother who doesn’t have the candidate every year. Everything is done for tourist purposes. Develop regional talent in search of talented influencers. That he was one of the goals he established.

For mojang is a female candidate who seeks to promote the broader. They are dressed ink-ebat, bebeur, wedding decorations as usual. Mungkin konde, bracelets, bracelets, ankles, and so on. In this day and age, perhaps traditional costumes for official occasions can add a veil.

When there is no need to keep using a condom because it is more flexible than everything. Then what about the trail? For their clothes are light. Use just stay black or dark. Wrapped in blue or red embellishments in a regular pocket to add   to the uniqueness of this traditional West Javanese dress. There are also those additional additional materials that can be added.

This infrastructure, not only applies to the search for mojang jejaka. It could be a venue for an official appearance of a cultural exhibition, a curtain for inauguration and whatever it is. The bar was used to show the features of theja bar’s poles. The simple but elegant appearance is truly a feature that can never be forgotten.

Traditional West Javanese textiles for Conglomerates

Traditional clothing, in fact this is applied in certain circles only. Hanya class of nobles from the kingdom who can wear it in his day. In order for its use to be used, it can be improved on official events and whether or not the bride is. Usually the  longer production processtakes a lot of time for the price to  be more expensive.

The design is already obviously more comfortable and beautiful. A lot of money makes your castedah bought. The perception for the  wearer’s Aura is growing to appear more powerful. It is true that a boy or a girl truly respects her. For free women, they want to wear a kebay, clothes and even gamis.

Then the edges of the panels are sewn into the thread of gold. And that certainly has something special. Bisa also added accessories such as bracelets, jewelry, necklaces, and rings. A beautiful sense of skill will surely be on display. The person who wears this shirt will never know who the audience is.

So what about men? Men often use black, black blade-black fabrics. Most blouse proceedings keep generating that you feel more comfortable. For the price, don’t ask because it’s expensive. This textile method can also be used in the name of western Javanese sukapura traditional textiles. And the feeling of marriage   grows.

West Java Textiles in Medium and ke Bcawah

The traditional fabric of West Java is a legacy of ancestors. So far he is still using the shu’a method. In the middle grade, you can use a free kebaya composite baluran. It can start with a potato of cloth, satun and so on. The combination of the sub-ones is also more subtle with the aim of integrating the higher ones.

As for men. Usually wearing a white surface, then added with a baked head collar, watch, gold, or other accessories.  Sedangkan for their subordinates can wear pants with a baluran of the base of the poles. You are like people who are wearing pants and wrapped around them. It gives the impression that it is simple but still powerful.

However, these middle class outfits can still wear gold and silver. But most of them wear money to be financially more economically. And the shade of silver has not yet been left with less than gold. Just grab it according to the need of the user if you want to wear gold or silver later.

After the lower middle class, they are usually only allowed to wear light clothing. If you have to compare it to  the clothing side of luxury, it’s different. Often, the aachis wear cloths with leather saucers. It is still often used by the tribe and the correct form is the same.

Although it seems simple, the quality displayed by his philosophy is still very thick. As a non-cause neko-neko does show a tendency to accept the daan kea. To be clear, men wear poleng sarongs attached to their shoulders. Is the old uku-tribe the  same? Then women wear light kebayas.

With batik motifs decorated with jucung coils, lungs, and wheels bracelets. It’s clear that nuances will look at quality bliss. Howdoes a sud understand about the different outfits from West Java? Overall, the image of the West Javanese fabric is like that, so make sure that that knowledge can be useful in  the  future.

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