TeknoBGT: GoPay Call Center as the Main Fortress of Online Wallet Services
TeknoBGT: GoPay Call Center as the Main Fortress of Online Wallet Services

TeknoBGT: GoPay Call Center as the Main Fortress of Online Wallet Services

Everything based online today does need something fast-paced and in one hand gadgets such as GoPay call centers. Gojek which has become one of the online service provider companies has offered a variety of its products. Many products have been provided in applications that used to only prioritize this online transportation.

The company that in just 10 years now has become agiant company that is  respected throughout Indonesia. They in the application of their business have been able to absorb a lot of labor, especially in the country. The government is happy about that too. The unemployment rate in Indonesia little by little can finally decrease.

To handle all complaints and problems in its products, Gojek also provides a centralized emergency call service. Especially to deal with sudden problems received by one of its products called GoPay, Gojek provides GoPay call center services. So whenever problems are encountered and complained about, they are ready to provide solutions.

Problems on an online site or an application are very natural to occur even from a hacker at all times always haunt. How not, these online criminals are always able to look for security gaps from a weak online site. Therefore, any problems from gojek application users in terms of security must be maintained.

GoPay call center is provided to deal with all the complicated and complicated difficulties that befall the users of one of Gojek’s products. GoPay itself has now become one of the trends in Indonesian society. Everything is all digital making its users very much. More and more users if from the company does not increase the security of the danger.

 What does GoPay mean?

In practice over time and the development of the times, Gojek does not only focus on a product. But they also began to develop their business into various lines that he said were very promising excess profits. Then it comes to add a service or product in the form of GoPay. Do you really know about GoPay?

GoPay if likened to the wallet of the users of the Gojek application. When someone has a wallet there must be a medium of exchange or balance to pay for various transactions in the Gojek application. In addition, to overcome and maintain the security and comfort of users of this application, the gopay call center becomes the forefront of listeners of all problems.

Then, GoPay itself is also very capable of making allits  transactions very simple and does not make it difficult for its users. For example, before this application, the wider community used to replace the cost of base motorcycle taxis with cash. Even though the motorcycle taxi does not have a change, it must be very time-consuming for the passenger because he must have the right money or find money broken.

With this GoPay product and call center , after you have made it to your destination in traveling with the ojol, just make a payment in the application. Very practical, but the most important thing is to look back so that the balance is sufficient.

Replenishment of Balance via ATM

GoPay is indeed very important presence and provides so many benefits for its users. They feel unattended by the presence of this Gojek product. Evenits users  feel very advantaged when the presence of GoPay as a transaction feature.

Recharging through Bank Mandiri  ATM is so easy to do.  First, input the  ATM card and enter the PIN.  Select buy/pay, kemudian select another menu  then choose more again and select e-Commerce.  After that, enter thenumber of Gojek itself, which is 60737 followed by a personal phone number. If you don’t understand you can contact the GoPay call center.

Replenishment of GoPay  nominal can be with many  methods including through BANK BRI ATM.   Insert the ATM card into the machine.  Press More Transactions and then click thepurchase.  After that choose GoPay Top-Up, Gojek’s corporate identity number 301341 don’t forget to end with your phone.

For ATM Bank BCA is very easy.  Enter the ATM card and press the correct PIN.  Click with your finger  Transfer and then select BCA Virtual Account.  Then Gojek’s identity number at Bank BCA, the last 70001, we always  remind you, include the phone number registered  earlier.  If you are still struggling, just contact the GoPay call center.

Top-Up with Mobile Banking

When you feel that you are still complicated to go to the ATM in filling the  GoPay nominal, just from home  and do it in one hand, everything can be done.  The emphasis is that the mobile banking account is ready and do not forget also the balance must be enough.

Mobile Banking BRI step is to login first.  If you’re already logged in, just click on the top up and then select GoPay.  Then the next step  is to press the type of transaction and input only 301341-customer and your phone number  andyour phone number behind it. If there is a problem, just contact the GoPay call center.

If BCA Mobile Banking, just  login first for the first step.  Press m-transfer, BCA transfer you can choose and run out it virtual account. After the number 70001 as the code of this company, behind it do not forget to be given  your registered mobile phone number.  The last step choose the nominal amount of money.

The latter  process uses  Mandiri mobile banking. Just log in to your akun Mobile Banking  , choose pay. The next step is to choose another and GoPay customer.  Malso enter your gadget  number. His mobile number corresponds to the one already registered in the account.  When it feels all that is still confusing, just contact the GoPay call center to minimize errors.

Benefits of Using GoPay

The availability of many features in Gojek makes it a large company in Indonesia in terms of public online-based services. So many benefits to its users. Such as the practicality of payment systems for users of online and Go-Food ojek services and other services provided by Gojek itself.

GoPay call center is also able to provide benefits for users of this application so that they can be served properly when they get a problem suddenly. In addition, the benefits of this GoPay service can shorten and save you time. There is no need to make transactions directly, but only need to be from a mobile phone.

Then, the last advantage is the number of promos and discounts and bonuses offered by Gojek if we transact using GoPay. So don’t be afraid to transaction using GoPay services, because we will get a lot of benefits.

That advantage is what makesGojek enthusiasts have more antuasiasme to use GoPay for the smooth and easy transaction process. Because the digital and fast age makes us have to be more practical as well. Don’t hesitate to contact the GoPay call center when encountering an obstacle.

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